10 Steps to a Beautiful Bedroom Renovation

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Where do you start?

Step 1.

I always tell my clients to look through magazines, look at pinterest and other sites for bedroom designs that inspire you. Try and pull at least 10 different bedroom pictures because as you look at them, there are always common threads. This will assist you in deciding what style you like best. As you can see there are many directions to go.

Step 2.

Decide your budget. There are a lot creative ways to stay in budget, but keep in mind to invest with the pieces that matter the most.

Step 3.

Get a feel for the space of your room. Can the room fit a king size bed with two nightstands or would it make more sense to use a queen size bed?

If the size of the space mandates where the furniture goes, think about the pieces strategically. For example, if a bed has to go against a particular wall in your bedroom, start there with the furniture layout.

Mattress Size Chart

Step 4.

Discover your color scheme. Do you want your bedroom to be a relaxing environment where you are able to recharge? Pick out colors that will do that for you.

Make sure you sample your paint colors before you decide what colors will work. Color changes in every environment. It is affected by where the windows are located in the room, what direction they face. The lighting in a room will also affect how the room takes on the colors. I generally like to test colors during the day as well as night.

Paint Color Finder

Step 5.

Decide what are the most important pieces in your space. If you want the bed to be the focal point, start with finding one that will make the statement your are looking for.

Step 6.

Make sure you have good lighting in your space. Lighting will bring life to your room.

Step 7.

Start playing with different fabrics and textures. Pull quite a few ideas and than work on narrowing them down. Mix up some different styles, allow your room to evolve.

Everything doesn’t have to match. There are endless fabrics available. Narrow them down by style and color.

Step 8.

Add Punch to your bedroom. You can do that with art or throw pillows. Make the room have layers. Think outside the box.

Step 9.

Shop around, don’t take the easy way out and buy your furniture at one store. Mix it up for a look that you will love for years to come.

Step 10.

If you have further question regarding how to design your space contact us here.