Designing With Pendants

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Lighting a space is one of the most important design elements. It is a functional requirement of the room but it is also a key design component all on its own.

Pendants can provide wonderful light and add interest to any room.

Pendant light fixtures, which hang suspended from the ceiling alone or in a group, are both practical and beautiful additions to the home. They are available in a variety of materials, colors and prices, which means that you can find the perfect style for your space. They are ideal for providing directed task lighting and with countless style options of color, shade design, and materials, pendant lighting adds a wonderful layer to your space.

They are most commonly found hanging above your kitchen island, but since there are so many varieties of pendant lighting to be found, the places that pendant lights can be installed are infinite. For example, they can be placed above a vanity in a bathroom, or over nightstands in a bedroom or above a table or buffet in the dining room.

Here are some amazing pendants that are all under $200.00 Logan%C2%AE-Hamdan-4-Light- Kitchen-Island-Pendant- WADL8869.html filters/Pendants-l6087- c215420-O71532~Industrial- P71544~100~250.html products/possini-euro-double- drum-20-inch-wide-white- pendant-light__v6122.html George-Kovacs-by-Minka-Grid- II-1-Light-Pendant-GKV2146. html products/emery-5-inch-wide- imperial-silver-mini-pendant__ k3584.html Phoenix-3-Light-Drum-Pendant- BROM1126.html products/possini-euro-white- flower-19-and-one-half-inch- wide-pendant-chandelier__ 13022.html Varick-Gallery%C2%AE-Bouvier- 1-Light-Inverted-Pendant- VKGL4341.html products/lite-source-kaelin- curved-glass-20-and-three- quarter-inch-pendant-light__ w5090.html Lighting-Bin-3-Light-Kitchen- Island-Pendant-OUV3218.html

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