Why Paint a Room

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You can transform a room as easy as adding a fresh color of paint, but is it really that easy? Paint is one of the most difficult design elements to work with to achieve a harmonious room. There are many features that affect paint in a room, especially lighting. Whether lighting comes from a natural source or  it is manmade, it will affect the paint color. The designers at Teatro Designs encourage their clients to test your paint colors and look at it at different times of the day. Here is a list of the some basic and not so basic paint colors that Teatro Designs recommends:

Sherwin Williams

Pure White

Repose Gray

Tricorn Black
Great Color!!


Agreeable Gray

Mindful Gray

Dove Tail
Great contrast with the white furniture



If you are looking for advice on paint colors, please feel free to contact or visit us at www.teatrodesigns.com.